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Multi Purpose Brackets


Multi purpose brackets are used when bracing, securing or repairing 90′
joints.  Both holes are provided for easy application.
Specifications: 2.5-4mm mild steel, zinc coated

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2.5mm 65x75x150, 2.5mm 50x50x50, 2.5mm 50x50x20, 2.5mm 50x50x100, 2.5mm 150x150x50, 2.5mm 100x80x150, 2.5mm 100x100x50, 2.5mm 50x250x50, 2.5mm I75x75x20, 2.5mm 150x50x50, 2.5mm 100x100x22, 2.5mm 100x100x100, 2.5mm 100x50x50, 2.5mm 150x75x55, 2.5mm 115x100x100, 4mm 65x75x150, 4mm 50x50x50, 4mm 50x50x20, 4mm 50x50x100, 4mm 150x150x50, 4mm 100x80x150, 4mm 100x100x50, 4mm 50x250x50, 4mm 75x75x20, 4mm 150x50x50, 4mm 100x100x22, 4mm 100x100x100, 4mm 100x50x50, 4mm 150x75x55

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