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Tool Development

Not only do we design, fabricate and maintain our own tools and dies, we also offer this as a service to our clients should they need a particular product developed. Our experienced tool and die makers utilize the latest in Computer Aided Design packages to design anything from a simple press tool to large stand alone hydraulic, pneumatic or electronic machine.

Metal Pressing

Metal pressing is the process used to fabricate our Nailplates and a myriad of other products, we have more than ten eccentric presses, that are owned operated and maintained in-house by us, thereby giving us complete control and flexibility throughout our entire operation. This essentially is a benefit to the client.

We are forever developing new products for clients to their exact specifications and needs, these products can be designed, the tools fabricated and the product produced to final stage in house as a all in one service. (See Tool Development)

Should you require a product developed or should you need a product produced contact us.


Injection Moulding is the process used to manufacture many of our. This function is available as a service to current and new customers. Whereby we can develop and manufacture any plastic or brass product to clients specifications(see Tool Development ). Should you need a specific product produced Email us

Plastic products can be manufactured up to 40cm x 40cm and a wide variety of colours are available.


Profile cutting of almost any material can be achieved with either our CNC plasma cutter or water jet cutter.

Profile cutting of metals (steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass etc.).
Thicknesses from 0.5mm to 16mm. Maximum cutting size: 1250mm x 2450mm

Water Jet Cutter: Profile cutting of most materials (metal, mineral, natural rubber, wood, plastics, carbon fibre). Can cut up to 50mm thick material


With our extensive tool room and highly skilled team, Shock Proof over the years has provide Treatment plants with the machines they need at the most competitive prices.

Units such as timber trolleys, Cantilever tables, Double Arbour, Log Drills, etc.

Contact us and find out more.

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