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Stainless Steel Range

Hot off our presses our newest product line… Stay tuned for more details!!

Coming soon


Laser Fibre Cutting Machine

Shock Proof Investment are constantly changing and adapting to the fast evolving technological trends. The new Fibre Laser cutting machine will help improve the quality, speed and accuracy of products that are manufactured by Shock Proof Investment. Other benefits of this machine include; reduced energy usage and extreme cutting accuracy while still ensuring a speedy cut. With a machine of this quality it enhances Shock Proof’s boundaries and overall offers new and exciting opportunities for the future.


New Circular Anti Split plate

If our very own Octi anti split plate didn’t give you enough coverage, Shock Proof has the solution with their new Circular plate. Sizes now in production- 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 110mm… To find out more please get in touch.
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